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Kootenay Comfort Insulation

British Columbia || Yukon
Construction || Forestry || Mining || Oil & Gas

About Kootenay Comfort Insulation

We specialize in Industrial Insulation, but our services extend to the following:

  • Insulation of Process Piping and Equipment
  • Boiler Insulation and Cladding
  • Asbestos Removal (all risk levels)
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Cladding (Metal Out Buildings)
  • Removable Insulation Blankets
  • Cold work

We are located in Trail B.C, but our service area is expanded province wide and into the Yukon.

Our mission is to provide great quality products and services in an efficient manner to best align with our
client’s business goals. We value our clients and want to build strong relationships with the companies we
work with.

Safety is our top priority, with no recorded incidents to date.

Steven Fayant
Kootenay Comfort Insulation
Email: koocomft@msn.com
Phone: 1-250-365-9896

Shayne Schmidt
Business Development
Kootenay Comfort Insulation
Email: schmidtkci@outlook.com
Phone: 250-608-2843

Keywords: LNG, Chemical, Food Processing facilities, Construction, Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas, industrial insulation, hot work, cold work, large storage tanks and equipment, fabrication, soft covers for valves and flanges, clad metal buildings


Contact Name: Steven Fayant
Email Address: koocomft@msn.com
Phone Number: 250-365-9896


Office Address

9235 Crown Road
Beaver Falls, BC
V1R 4W6, Canada