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IndigenUs Consulting Corporation

Management Consulting

About IndigenUs Consulting Corporation

We assist organizations in developing and implementing strategies to engage, and work with Indigenous communities to create long-term mutual benefits. We specialize in providing strategic advisory services, connecting organizations and Indigenous people and businesses, and supporting the development of policies, processes and agreements that lay the foundation for successful engagement and inclusion.

Our main service offerings include:

  • Indigenous Liaison – Relationship support and development between organizations, Indigenous communities and businesses
  • Stakeholder and Indigenous Engagement – Strategy design and implementation support
  • Indigenous Inclusion – Planning and implementation, policy and procedures, internal support
  • Training – Indigenous Awareness, Stakeholder Engagement courses
  • Mentorship and Coaching – Developing employee skills to support the implementation of Indigenous Relations policies
  • Negotiation of Agreements – Negotiating agreements that lead to long-term mutual benefit

Keywords: Indigenous Inclusion, Engagement Strategy, Indigenous Inclusion, Indigenous Awareness Training, Economic Develop, Liaison


Contact Name: Dione McGuinness
Job Title: Principal Consultant
Email Address: dmcg@indigenusconsulting.com
Phone Number: 587-434-7770


Office Address:

Seba Beach, AB
T0E 2B0