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About Indigenous Engineering Inclusion Inc.

Indigeneering Collaborative Solutions for the Benefit of Future Generations

Indigenous Engineering Inclusion (IEI) was created based on an interdependent approach that combines engineering principles and traditional Indigenous worldviews on sustainability and interconnectedness. In the spirit of collaboration, IEI is committed to finding greater solutions than either perspective could independently.  With nearly 20 years experience in the oil, gas and pipelines industry, and her Indigenous perspectives, President and Indigeneer, Deanna Burgart, works to bridge the gaps between the two.  Her multifaceted approach leads to an increase in meaningful engagement for all by creating an environment of mutual respect that fosters honest and open communication and a willingness to learn. Indigenous Engineering Inclusion is focused on:

  • Industry (Oil, Gas and Pipeline) Fundamentals training for Indigenous communities, government and industry – high level, non-technical and customized
  • Assisting industry and educators in operationalizing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action
  • Assisting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) educators in Indigenizing curriculum and incorporating Indigenous awareness for students
  • Working with teams to develop customized models and metrics for Indigenous Engagement and Inclusion
  • Developing Innovation strategies through Inclusion training
  • Risk Management, Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Strategies for the oil, gas and pipelines industry. Third Party Inspections, Audits and Regulatory Compliance Training
  • Indigenous youth STEM and Leadership outreach and mentoring

Deanna combines her engineering and energy experience with her passion for cross-cultural communication and Indigenous inclusion to provide dynamic and interactive keynotes, workshops and facilitated strategy sessions for government, industry and educational institutions seeking to meaningfully incorporate the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action for government, education and the business community.


Contact Name: Deanna Burgart, P.Eng CET
Job Title: President, Chief Operations Officer, Indigeneer (TM)
Email Address:
Phone Number: (403) 919-9366


Calgary, AB