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British Columbia
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About IndGenesis Environmental

IndGenesis is an Aboriginal-owned environmental consultancy committed to providing strategic community-based planning, environmental analysis and natural resource management.

Our aim is to collaboratively partner alongside Aboriginal communities and customize inclusive engagement strategies. By providing a vibrant suite of professional services, competitive prices and years of proven experience—we bring the most appropriate client-orientated solutions. Each decision-making process will prioritize and respect the unique cultural, social, economic and environmental concerns of the client.

Our strength is in our ability to utilize a network of environmental, public health, community planning, engineering and research professionals to streamline the decision-making process for Land and Water Resource Management; Public Engagement; Geospatial Analysis and Mapping; Policy and Governance Development; Regional Community Planning; and Impact & Benefit Agreement (IBA) Research.


Contact Name: Brett Marchant
Job Title: Environmental Planning, Policy & Research Coordinator
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Phone Number: (604) 368-1801


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4186 Yuculta Crescent
Vancouver, BC V6N 3R5