Environmental & Water Technologies

About HOMES Water

Our mission is simple: we make water reuse/recycling, waste prevention and pollution control a profitable endeavor for our clients by using and promoting innovative, new, and safe water & wastewater treatment technologies, sustainable environmental strategies that result in zero impacts on nature.

HOMES Water is the lead distributor in Canada for:

  • Rapid, water quality testing device for bacteria and metals in water that provides water safety screening in minutes, ExactBlue™ and AquaVial™
  • Wastewater treatment (in situ) using non-toxic, zero energy additive for wastewater lagoons, septic tanks, basins, etc, for natural treatment and biological breakdown, Microdot Separation Technology™
  • Chemical-free, salt-free water softening systems for remote regions, CapDI® for drinking water treatment systems;
  • Zero Liquid Discharge system for hazardous (industrial) liquid waste reduction (and elimination)
  • Containerized water treatment equipment;

The name, HOMES Water, has essentially two meanings.  The first, it serves as a reminder that we need to be always conscientious that planet Earth is all of our HOMES.  As of today, we still all share just this one.  It is imperative that this concept be reiterated in all of our planning and developments.  The second, and coincidentally, HOMES is an acronym of the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie & Superior), which represents about 20% of the worlds fresh water supply and home to more than 55 million people (and growing), in the Great Lakes Megalopolis, not including the surrounding area and watershed that is part of this system.  If the Great Lakes Megalopolis was a country on its own, it would be  one of the largest economies in the world.

HOMES Water is the link between water users (industrial, commercial and municipal) and innovative water and environmental processes, technologies and service providers, to help minimize impacts on our water resources, while providing incentives for cost reductions, through optimization in process chemicals, limiting wastewater disposal/trucking,  reduced greenhouse gas emissions, resource/product recovery and pioneering sustainability practices

HOMES Water engages and consults directly with responsible and forward-thinking companies, industries, municipalities and communities to identify and implement process solutions and technologies, allowing safe and responsible disposal of wastes, chemicals and by-products from entering our ecosystems, in addition to ensuring safe water quality for all who depend on clean water for survival.


Contact Name: Darian Petrisca
Job Title: Founder & CEO
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Phone Number: 289-885-6446