Haneshe LP Environmental Services

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About Haneshe LP Environmental Services

Haneshe LP is a majority Indigenous-owned company based in Cold Lake First Nations. We offer a comprehensive range of environmental services for the oil and gas, mining and infrastructure sectors. Haneshe integrates technical expertise with Indigenous knowledge and values to deliver sustainable, innovative solutions to our clients.

We work collaboratively with Indigenous people and communities in meaningful and ethical partnerships to:

  • Provide reliable and cost-effective environmental services such as reclamation, planning, monitoring, and environmental assessments;
  • Maximize opportunities for Indigenous communities and businesses by working with our clients to develop and implement socio-economic plans on resource development projects;
  • Develop relevant training programs to increase capacity for Indigenous employment opportunities on major projects;
  • Build a strong health and safety culture for sustainable business and employment relationships.

Our team can work with industry clients and local communities to hire, train and facilitate the participation of local First Nations community members, integrating them into project teams. The goal is to help position Indigenous community members for future employment opportunities, and help build capacity within communities to provide environmental consulting services.


Contact Name: Dean Janvier
Job Title: President
Email Address: dean.janvier@haneshe.com
Phone Number: (780) 545-6655


Billing Address
P.O. Box 8130
Cold Lake, AB
T9M 1N1, Canada