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We are a Head Lice Screening, Removal & Training Clinic. We provide support to families, schools, and communities by offering current information and safe solutions to head lice eradication. We believe education and early detection are the best defense to beating these pesky critters.

In our experience, the management of head lice outbreaks is a constant source of frustration in any community. This frustration is compounded by the ineffectiveness of mainstream treatments and the lack of availability of good quality removal tools.

The good news: not only is head lice removal and management much more simple than you previously thought, it is also much less expensive.

Many Bands, schools and Friendship Centres provide their members with pesticide shampoos in an effort to help them control lice. However, these shampoos are ineffective because they only address the live lice (and usually not all of them!). They have no effect whatsoever on the nits. The nit comb provided with the pesticide shampoos is also woefully inadequate. But without effective nit removal, new lice will continue to hatch and mature. The pesticide shampoo needs to be used repeatedly in an effort to break up the life cycle of the lice – however it cannot be used more often than every 7 days at best, so is unable to do the job.

Our solution is simple. Leave the expensive pesticides out of the equation and use the best available nit comb (the LiceMeister) to remove the live lice and nits at the same time. By simply immobilizing the live lice in ordinary conditioner, they can be removed in the same step as the nit removal. The comb will leave behind only the most microscopic nits and newborn nymphs. Because there is nothing toxic being used, this process can be used as often as you like (although every three days is the most often we’d recommend) until every item is gone. By timing the combouts for every 3-5 days, you will never see an adult again – and it’s only adults who are capable of mating and laying new nits.

The most cost effective part of this solution? One comb ($23.95) can clear a whole family (or neighbourhood if you like!) as every comb has a lifetime guarantee and is fully reusable.

We have a variety of flexible solutions for individuals, families, and entire communities and we’d love to share them with you.


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