Global Asset Sales & Contracting Corp.

British Columbia

Heavy Industrial Demolition & Environmental Management

Founded in 2010, Global Asset Sales & Contracting has quickly earned its place as the go-to solution provider in heavy industrial demolition and environmental management. We are a majority-owned First Nations business and are proud to work with our joint venture partnerships to offer training programs and capacity building within our community. We bring our expertise across the heavy industrial, mining, forestry, oil and gas industries to all partnerships, large and small, and are confident that this breadth of knowledge enables us to provide an unparalleled service to our clients.

Some of the areas in which we excel are:

– Heavy industrial demolition

– Hazardous waste abatement, containment and control including asbestos, tremolite, mastic, actinolite, chryrsolite, sulphuricaus, black liquor, and caustic.

o For PCB spills we offer spill reporting and response, appraise the cost of disposal, and arrange for the transportation of dangerous goods.

o For lead paint abatement, we are experienced in removal and containment.

– Water treatment

– Environmental consulting – we provide

o Environmental Solutions

o Contaminated Soil Remediation

o Site Reclamation

o Waste Treatment

o Safe Work Plans

o Environmental Risk Assessments

Guided by our mission statement “To Find Value Where Others Only Find Scrap” our decommissioning support services incorporates simultaneous management systems designed to reduce the amount of materials destined for the landfill which in turn decreases your environmental impacts and waste management costs while significantly increasing your return on investment. Building on our senior management’s more than 25 years of experience, and our commitment to worker health and safety, we are able to identify and extract real value from your spent assets and their hidden commodities value on the international market.


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