About G52

G52 is a different company. G52 is focused on helping municipal governments be successful. G52 understands the pressures that municipal leaders face: more regulations coming from the provinces: more downloading of services and higher expectations from the citizens. All of these demands are complicated by increasing stress on your tax/ funding base and a lack of stable funding to provide for existing services, let alone fulfill new opportunities.

Growth is integral to almost all communities and organizations, but growth can bring unforeseen challenges. Stagnation of growth requires the tools to reverse the impediments to prosperity such as aging infrastructure and a decreasing tax base.

G52 was created to support communities in finding provincial and federal government grants they can apply for, and to provide superior, expert advice for project implementation to help deal with a community’s specific needs or to address issues. Learn more about our team of dedicated professionals.

This website is your portal and first step in identifying the grant/funding opportunities that are available from provincial and/or the federal government. A surprising number of programs exist, but, until now, they have often been difficult to identify, and, what was once thought to be an onerous application process, is now made easier, more targeted and exponentially faster by G52.

Competition to obtain these funds can often be fierce, leaving some under-resourced communities at a disadvantage. G52’s services will level the playing field and help bring your community the dollars and the support needed for your projects and initiatives.

Through our comprehensive website interface you can quickly identify the funding sources available to your community and retain our team of professional grant writers to submit your grant application. G52 will either write the grant application, or assist and train your staff in preparing the application and developing the strategies and planning to make your project successful.

Many communities spend far too much valuable time and resources to obtain grants/funding, only to find their application wasn’t accepted. G52 has the Advocacy experts to work with your community to ensure you are communicating to the right people to explain your needs effectively, thereby maximizing your community’s opportunities. But G52 is more than just helping you win grants. Once you receive the grant, we can help you with strategies to stretch every dollar. We have legal experts, procurement experts, communications and community engagement professionals. Our team will bring the right mix of highly effective experts to help you implement your projects.



Contact Name: Mark Holmes
Job Title: Director
Email Address: mark@g52.ca
Phone Number: 647-588-9707


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