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About Exton and Dodge Land Surveying Inc.

Exton and Dodge Land Surveying Ltd. is a small general land surveying practice. As a result of operating out of Williams Lake, British Columbia since 1966 (the commercial and administrative center of the Central Cariboo and Chilcotin regions of the province), we enjoy a strong positive relationship with communities in the region.
Most staff members have been with the company for decades. Our level of professionalism, personal experience, knowledge, and comprehensive data base provide us with the tools to efficiently undertake all forms of surveying. Due to our long history in Williams Lake, we have completed the majority of municipal and rural surveys in the area. Licensed to undertake legal surveys on both Canada and Provincial Lands, we offer a wide variety of services and successfully maintain a scope of practice that may not be available to many firms in larger centers. British Columbia Land Surveyors, Canada Lands Surveyors, technical and office staff bring over 130 years of experience, resulting in an advanced level of professionalism and skill.
The extensive geographic area covered by Exton and Dodge spans from Bella Bella to Jasper National Park and from Mile 222 on the Alaska Highway to Harrison Lake. Serving this large and diverse area has allowed us to complete surveys including but not limited to: complicated boundary retracements, subdivisions, land act surveys, engineering surveys, volume and construction layout, easements, rights of way, large hydro-electric projects, high accuracy GPS control and deformation surveys, geodetic surveys, mineral tenure and mining surveys and major topographic surveys. In addition to our comprehensive land surveying practice, we offer consulting services for: land development projects, re-zoning applications, crown land applications, subdivisions, development permits and Agricultural Land Reserve applications.
Our experience relating to surveying First Nations Lands spans over 120 Indian Reserves. The diversity of our experience on First Nations Lands includes large-scale Provincial Treaty Settlement projects. Our surveys include (but not limited to) Retracement and Monumentation surveys, resurvey and cutting of exterior boundaries, highway Right of Way Plans, Site Plans, Subdivision Plans, Posting Plans, Topographic Plans, Composite Plans, historical research, GPS control, and engineering projects. Our company has accumulated a wealth of information (such as photos, plans and data) both current and historical with relation to the many First Nations Bands we have worked for. While surveying First Nations Lands, working in conjunction with Band Councils and employing band members, Exton and Dodge has formed long, amiable and well-established relationships with various band councils across the province.


Contact Name: Douglas Dodge
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