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About EMF Solutions (Vancouver) Division of CMT Agency Incorporated

What we do

Electrical Magnetic Field (EMF) testing & inspections for commercial, industrial and residential

Our intention is to address and explain areas of concern. Testing and recommendations on how to reduce EMF exposures. Offer steps to improve environment, often with little cost.


Electromagnetic fields – Using a Gauss meter and other scientific instruments we can find 60HZ EMFs

Radio frequency (RF) – This type of EMF is produced primarily by wireless devices and cell towers and travels through the air.

Dirty Electricity – Using a special meter we can measure for a high frequency EMF called “Dirty Electricity” that may be contaminating your buildings electrical wiring.

EMF Consultation

Explain to you how EMFs are produced, how they impact your health and how you can avoid exposure.

EMF Report

You’ll receive a detailed report showing you where all the dangerous levels of EMF “energy” – so you practice “prudent avoidance”

Why address EMF

Due Diligence; see Professor Dr. Magda Havas PhD; website – http://bit.ly/XyeM46

Corporate History

Incorporated CMT Agency in 2003, representing many companies under their corporate identities. Usually promoting corporations in a sales representative capacity, as an Energy Advisor, sometimes overseeing bidding and managing municipal government projects.

In the fall of 2016; when realizing the damage and health concerns of Electric Magnetic Field (EMF) exposures. CMT then choose to offer EMF testing.

Michael Tarbaj has been trained by, and works closely with EMF Solutions Canada; February 2017 EMF Solutions Vancouver jointly completed a substantial project for Rio Tinto Alcan in Kitimat.


Contact Name: Michael Tarbaj
Job Title: President
Email Address: michaeltarbaj@gmail.com
Phone Number: (604) 841-1627


Billing Address
3083 Dollarton Highway
North Vancouver, B.C. V7H 1B3