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About Emerge Wings of Change

Business and Wellness Consulting Services

Emerge helps to build capacity in organizations, as well as on individual levels. Community, and personal empowerment, are supported with interactive and experiential training sessions, with the options of wellness dialogues and circles as well.

Emerge believes our Indigenous culture and practices are our foundation in life; and that we are our own medicine. Cultural tools and processes are utilized to ensure balance in all of our being. In addition, Emerge shares tools to strengthen the quality or state of being holistically healthy. These approaches create space for a focused intent and deliberate effort to polish and utilize individual gifts, strengths and talents.

Building Indigenous resiliency, together we can create a strong and inclusive future for our future generations.


Contact Name: Robbi Wilson
Job Title: Owner
Email Address: palnata7.emerge@Gmail.com
Phone Number: 604-313-5676


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North Vancouver, BC