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Ecometrix is a team of experienced environmental professionals operating out of Ontario since 2004.  Our expertise at Ecometrix is helping the people we work with define and achieve their environmental goals using Environmental Intelligence, an approach rooted in four principles: Thought, Application, Solution and Communication (TASC).  We seek to ask the right questions, collect and analyze relevant information, assess alternatives and engage early and with purpose to gain an in-depth understanding of complex environmental challenges to support decision making. We are proud to maintain exceptional long-term relationships with communities, partner companies, regulators and clients through our commitment to active collaboration, and our support of partnerships, training, education and engagement in the environmental sector.


Contact Name: Jason Dietrich
Job Title: Director of Monitoring and Technology
Email Address: jdietrich@ecometrix.ca
Phone Number: 519-588-8674


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6800 Campobello Road
Mississauga, ON
L5N2L8, Canada