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About DBRS

DBRS is an independent, privately held, globally recognized credit ratings agency with offices in Toronto, New York, London, Chicago and Mexico City. We strive to differentiate ourselves from competitors through a more pragmatic rather than mechanistic approach, in-depth research and unequalled mandate execution.

Founded in 1976, we are a rapidly growing, international ratings agency with deep roots in Canada. Our four decades of experience and strong track record provide the foundation for us to seek out new opportunities and to make targeted investments that align with our core ratings operations. We don’t seek to have scale in all markets, but when we choose to enter a new market segment, we strive to become a leading player known for trusted ratings, opinions and products.

Our approach and our size as the world’s fourth-largest ratings agency allow us to be nimble enough to respond to customers’ needs in their local markets, but large enough to provide the necessary expertise and resources they require. We build meaningful relations, which contribute to a convincing value proposition for investors and issuers to choose us as a globally accepted alternative to other ratings agencies.


Contact Name: Scott Anderson
Job Title: Vice President, Communications and Media Relations
Email Address: sanderson@dbrs.com
Phone Number: (416) 597-7407


181 University Avenue, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5H 3M7