Cree-Tech Inc.

Business Services

About Cree-Tech Inc.

Cree-Tech Inc. is a 100% Aboriginally owed company founded in 1995. It is headquartered on the Fox Lake Reserve in Chapleau, of northern Ontario, Canada. Cree-Tech has been providing services to Indigenous communities, all levels of government in various industries.

Cree-Tech provides strategic business development services to companies who wish to develop relations to Indigenous communities.

Cree-Tech also provides GIS/Geomatics services to Indigenous communities. It is the developer of NishMAP an innovative cloud based custom mapping application used for the preservation of cultural values of various Indigenous traditional territories.

Cree-Tech also provides community relations networking in the Cannabis space and is one of the First Nation lottery winners in the Ontario lottery process.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cree-Tech is a distributor of bulk volumes of hand sanitizer to various organizations, companies and Indigenous communities.


Contact Name: Wade Cachagee
Job Title: President
Email Address: cachagee@me.com
Phone Number: 705-465-8080


Office Address

21 Cachagee Road, Box 1528, Fox Lake Reserve
Chapleau, ON
P0M 1K0, Canada