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Canada Energy Audit Ltd.

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About Canada Energy Audit Ltd.

CEA is a certified Service Organization (SO) by Natural Resources Canada to perform residential energy evaluations in accordance with ENERGUIDE’s latest procedures and standards. As the largest Service Organization in Canada and with over 70 active registered energy advisors (REAs), CEA has taken pride in delivering quality service for over a decade in performing over 70,000 home energy evaluations.

In addition, for the past 7 years CEA has had the pleasure of working as one of the select preferred vendors to both Enbridge and Union Gas utilities (now combined into Enbridge Inc.) in the capacity of a service provider to conduct home energy audit services as part of the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Program. CEA has also had the pleasure of being involved in Toronto Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) Program and NRCan’s ecoENERGY Program.

More recently, CEA has entered into agreement with GreenSaver as their execution partner to conduct home energy audits on behalf of GreenSaver for their low-income program as it pertains to Enbridge Home Weatherization Program and IESO Energy Affordability Program. GreenSaver is Ontario’s leading nonprofit energy conservation organization. For  over 30 years, GreenSaver has helped thousands of homeowners, renters, and small businesses reduce their energy consumption and overall utility costs with our dedicated team of energy experts.

Furthermore, CEA prides itself to be on the forefront of innovation as it pertains to ENERGUIDE home energy evaluation and hence its birth to econest Canada. econest is an innovative web-based solution designed to enable SOs and their respective REAs to deliver the ENERGUIDE residential home energy evaluation service. From gathering home’s building science data within the data collection form, to collecting homeowner’s info on applicable forms, and generating the final H2K file with customizable comments, econest facilitates these features and more via a tablet based solution, 100% paperless.

With focus on Quality Assurance (QA) as one of its core features, econest enables SOs and REAs to save significant amounts of time by minimizing data re-entry on paper forms, real-time QA validation, PDF generation, and automatic H2K export with customized reporting. Further, higher data accuracy is delivered due to minimization of data re-entry on forms and real-time QA validations resulting in faster processing time and better data integrity.

By using econest, REAs and SOs are enabled to put more focus on the homeowner by analyzing and fine tuning content vs. rudimentary and extremely time consuming and mundane data entry and associated QA efforts as a result.

After 2 years of business requirements gathering, development and testing, econest was launched in 2018. As anticipated, econest was embraced by its market and currently services five SOs with over 10,000 audits already completed across Canada.

Furthermore, econest has created a platform among industry players to bring forth and brainstorm ideas, challenges, and best practices. A unified community to drive change and to further elevate the overall efforts in the path to professionalization of the EA profession.

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Contact Name: Hamed Ghanbari
Job Title: CEO
Email Address: hamed.ghanbari@CanadaEnergyAudit.ca
Phone Number: 1-888-298-9458


Office Address

10-95 West Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1H2, Canada