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About Browns Dining Solutions

Starting as a dairy operation in 1929, Brown’s has grown and modernized into a comprehensive dining service provider, with creative solutions to all facets of food service. We are a Canadian leader in the industry with a successful track record in Business Dining Operations, Residential Dining, Catering and Special Events, Educational, Retirement, Long Term Care and Recreational Facilities.
Our market extends across Canada. Our 900+ staff are presently responsible for providing quality service to over 200,000 customers per day. Brown’s prides itself in being an equal opportunity employer creating careers and opportunities for success for all willing and qualified people.


Contact Name: Emilie Williams
Job Title: Marketing and Business Development Manager
Email Address: emiliewilliams@browns.ca
Phone Number: 613-899-4622


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844 Division Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 4C3 Canada