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About Brian Payer & Associates Inc.

About Consulting Services (Brian Payer & Associates Inc.)

Brian works with many First Nation communities and Aboriginal entrepreneurs, providing counsel, facilitation and advice, strategic planning for business and business development, and implementation of business and strategic plans. Brian thrives on helping other’s succeed with their goals and aspirations and does so using the tools, knowledge and wisdom he has garnered over his 33 year career in business. Brian has provided council to over 250 business operations as diverse as the following:

  • The hurdles faced by Detoncho Diamonds in NWT in gaining Territorial Government approval to cut diamonds in Yellowknife;
  • Marketing initiatives for Komoks First Nation Salish Seafoods;
  • The development of a highly recognized composting operation using fish farm mort’s combined with green waste to create “black gold”; and
  • Strategies to revive a flailing First Nations long line oyster operation

About Raingear Pro –Commercial Raingear and Tree Fallers Safety Pants and Chaps:

Under Brian Payer & Associates Inc., Raingear Pro specializes in the online sales of Canadian manufactured Safety clothing and Raingear manufactured by Brian’s brother (Aboriginal as well) in Salmon Arm, British Columbia including:

  • High Quality 100% waterproof Commercial and industrial Hurricane rain gear protection for application in the fishing, forestry, construction, heavy and light industrial sectors including oil and gas, drilling, shipbuilding as well as other sectors that need protection from water and weather elements;
  • Heavy duty Can-Swe tree fallers and slashing crew chainsaw protection with a full line of chaps and pants for all four seasons. Chain speed protection ranges from 3600 and 4100 TCS Rating.

Features of the Hurricane Rain Gear are:

Our HURRICANE RAINWEAR line is designed to be light, comfortable, and 100% waterproof in all conditions with the addition of being extremely durable and tear resistant.

  • All outer material used is 400 denier “soft finished” polyurethane coated nylon.
  • All liner materials are 200 denier “soft finished” polyurethane coated nylon.
  • All areas that are double lined are sewn individually to reduce the chance of water penetration through seams.
  • Liner material and outer material are sewn “coating to coating” to reduce chance of damage to waterproof coating by suspenders and also adds an added layer of comfort.

Features of the Tree Fallers and Slashing Crew Chainsaw Pants:

CAN-SWE Safety Pants are fallers pants that:

  • Exceeds the newest WCB PPE 1 -1997 safety regulations for leg protective devices.
  • The lightest pant available on the market.
  • Safety pad extends 4″ above the crotch on each thigh to provide critical coverage to large artery areas of the upper leg (standards dictate only crotch-to-ankle coverage).
  • Contoured high back to fit comfortably into the lower back area to keep saw dust out and kidney area warm.
  • Triple the amount of bartacking available from other manufacturers to provide strength in high stress areas. (eight bartacks in crotch area alone!)
  • Only the highest quality nickel plated brass, solid brass fasteners and zippers are used.
  • Distinctive high visibility red or gold pocket flaps give an added margin of safety to the user.

Features of the Tree Fallers and Slashing Crew Chainsaw Chaps:

CAN-SWE Safety Chaps are fallers chaps that:

  • Exceeds the newest Workers Compensation Board standards for leg protection (WCB PPE 1 – 1997)
  • They are the lightest chap available on the market
  • Distinctive bright red color
  • Come with a 2” wide web belt and 3 quick-release straps
  • Designed to provide maximum protection for the casual user of chain saw equipment


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