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About Amec Foster Wheeler

Amec Foster Wheeler focuses on a holistic approach to development projects, in which all of the disciplines are used to examine, investigate and develop solutions to address our projects. We understand Sustainable Development and the many ways that this perspective can shape project development, construction and operations planning and management. We work closely with all of our clients, that include small, medium and large companies, as well as Federal, Territorial, Provincial, Aboriginal, and non-aboriginal governments and groups.

We recognise the value of integrating Traditional and western science and that environmental and infrastructure work that marries the two has not only better form but also better function. We value education and experience and develop teams that come from multiple cultural and educational/experience backgrounds. We recognise the value of diversity not only in the environment but also in the workplace.

We take pride in the strength, diversity and innovation of the Canadian E&I team. We have lived or worked in all the regions of Canada and see not only challenges but also opportunities in the work that we take on. This approach results in better outcomes and relationships with communities, proponents and governments.

We acknowledge the value that organisations like CCAB provide to both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. Amec Foster Wheeler recognises the Aboriginal people of Canada as having a significant role in the current and planned activities within their Traditional Territories or Treaty Areas. We have working partnerships with Aboriginal groups and are increasing our efforts to successfully engage with and employ Aboriginal people and hire experienced people from the Aboriginal business sector.


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