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About Almita Piling Inc.

Almita Piling is North America’s leader in helical piles, working across Canada and the United States. Almita prides itself on its relationships with clients and partners delivering projects which exceed our customers’ expectations. Almita and our staff are committed to growing our Indigenous partnerships, client base, and service delivery.

Almita’s goal is to work collaboratively with Indigenous communities, subcontractors and suppliers to build synergies, increase industry participation, and generate mutually beneficial business opportunities. All with a focus on protecting and minimizing the impact to the land by providing solutions which can be removed for reclamation. In all projects, our vision is to work in partnership with Indigenous communities to generate meaningful employment, contracted support services, and build a skilled workforce for the future.

Almita represents a new way of working with Indigenous communities where respect, recognition, meaningful participation and a commitment to the principals of reconciliation are our guiding values. Our organizational values guide the way we conduct ourselves, and how we do business with all clients and partners.

They include:
1. Equality, equity and fairness,
2. Equitable share of financial success,
3. Collaboration and openness with the Nation – administration, Economic Development organization and/or community members,
4. A focus on incorporating the unique culture and other realities into the project,
5. Ensuring that we leave behind a legacy in terms of the human, economic, social, and health factors – a prosperous legacy,
6. A commitment to environmental stewardship and reclamation,
7. Ensuring we do what we say, when we say we will do it.

Our approach is based on gaining an understanding of Indigenous Communities and/or Organization(s) we are working with, learning about their vision and objectives. We believe that a relationship must be in place with any impacted Nation before moving a project forward.

Indigenous Prosperity Model
The Indigenous Prosperity Model takes precedence at Almita – we seek to balance economic development (financial benefits) and positive community and health outcomes (social benefits). We believe that economic development without consideration for the health, wellness, and education of the people, is not a viable and enduring proposition. We must consider the best interest of the organizations, contractors and community members when we participate in a project that will have socio-economic impacts for them – both positive and negative. All the partners we work with, have our commitment that we understand, appreciate and consider these realities in all aspects of our relationships, partnerships and project developments.


Contact Name: Marc Storms
Job Title: Indigenous Business Development
Email Address: marc.storms@almita.com


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