All Nations Trust Company

British Columbia

About All Nations Trust Company

All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO) is owned by 214 Shareholders consisting of Bands, Tribal Councils, Indigenous Businesses, Status, Non-Status and Metis individuals in the Common Bond of Association.

In 1984, ANTCO was incorporated as a trust company and operated primarily as a developmental lender. Since then, ANTCO has successfully expanded service offerings to include commercial mortgages, mortgage administration, consulting services, government program delivery and project management. ANTCO also follows a strict adherence to provincial and federal governing regulations.

For further information see: www.antco.ca


Contact Name: Darcy Johnson
Job Title: CEO
Email Address: darcyj@antco.ca
Phone Number: (778) 471-4110


Billing Address

520 Chief Eli LaRue Way
Kamloops, BC V2H 1H1