Aboriginal Housing Management Association

British Columbia
Housing Authority

About Aboriginal Housing Management Association

The Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA) is the first of its kind not-for-profit Indigenous Housing Authority. We leverage the collective impact of our membership to provide safe and secure housing for Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Peoples in the Province of British Columbia.

We are a made in BC success story of collaboration with urban Aboriginal housing providers to advocate and deliver on province-wide housing commitments. With self-determination and a region-by-region approach, AHMA helps housing providers address their communities’ unique needs. Our approach is agile and responsive to each member.

We support member organizations in governance of housing agreements and enable initiatives that increase capacity-building, growth development and planning. We create employment and learning opportunities that can be home-grown and directed back into the communities.


Contact Name: Margaret Pfoh
Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Email Address: mpfoh@ahma-bc.org
Phone Number: (604) 921-2462


Billing Address

615-100 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2