Progressive Aboriginal Relations: a luncheon


Below are some photos from the 2015 PAR Luncheon. The rest can be found on FacebookPhotography by Teresa Corsie.

The 2015 Progressive Aboriginal Relations Luncheon in Vancouver brought together Canadian companies committed to promoting and developing partnerships and opportunities with Aboriginal businesses and communities.

The topic for the 2015 PAR Luncheon was Aboriginal business procurement strategy development. PAR Gold certified company BC Housing, and PAR Gold certified company Cameco were our joint presenters and discussed the opportunities and benefits of including Aboriginal businesses and communities within corporate procurement processes, and will speak to their experiences from development to delivery, including:

  • The methods used to develop procurement strategies that are inclusive of Aboriginal procurement policies;
  • Driving Aboriginal procurement practices throughout entire supply chain including tier one and two suppliers;
  • The establishment of a “set-aside” procurement programs for Aboriginal businesses;
  • The development of strategies to encourage partnerships or joint ventures between large contactors and smaller Aboriginal firms, and methods undertaken to measure progress;
  • The long-term benefits of engaging and working with Aboriginal-owned businesses and communities.