Aboriginal Business Luncheon: Regina

Aboriginal Business Luncheon: Regina

March 5, 2014

On March 5, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) welcomed guest to our Aboriginal Business Luncheon at the First Nations University of Canada in Regina.

The Aboriginal Business Luncheon featured keynote speaker Alex Archila, Asset President, BHP Billiton Potash who shared with delegates the significant opportunity to create stronger business pathways through potash development in Saskatchewan. Meaningful relationships will not only strengthen long-term certainty for business but also create new platforms from which Aboriginal communities can thrive. Corporate Canada understands the positive impact business development in concert with Aboriginal communities can have for the bottom line. Actively pursuing mutual beneficial opportunities is no longer a nicety, it has become the norm. Having a solid strategy in engaging Aboriginal communities is crucially important when developing resource projects in Canada.

Understanding community values I a vital link when it comes to health, safety, environment and cultural concerns. Aligning these concerns with corporate approaches to sustainable development creates certainty by building mutual trust and understanding. Business and labour force development continues to evolve no one size fits all approach guiding the way. However forward thinking companies like BHP Billiton are developing approaches with communities which reflect local community circumstances as well as their aspirations.

The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) would like to thank all of our event attendees and our sponsors for their generosity and support.

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Photography provided by: Bill Stevenson, Bill Stevenson Photography