Adam Legge Bio

Adam Legge

President and CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Adam Legge joined the Calgary Chamber as the President + CEO in September of 2010. He is the youngest president in the Chamber’s history, and continues to build on the 120 year history of those before him.

Adam is a well-respected individual in the community, with expertise in the local economy, urban economics, and the needs of business. Adam is a strong believer in a vibrant and healthy business community and the role that it plays in the overall prosperity of the city. His aim and focus at the Calgary Chamber is to ensure that the environment exists for all businesses to be successful, and that Calgary is recognized as a location that offers businesses the chance to be healthy and well established, thereby supporting local economic and community development.

Before joining the Calgary Chamber, Adam held the role of vice president and chief economist with Calgary Economic Development. There he became recognized as an authority in local economic performance and conditions, and delivered many economic analyses including an annual economic outlook which became the largest economic outlook event of its kind in Canada. He also served as the project manager for the Calgary Economic Development strategy on behalf of the Office of the Mayor. Adam is actively engaged in a multitude of community activities, including chairing the board of WordFest, a member of the board of Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation, and serving on multiple committees and task forces for the United Way of Calgary and Area and others. He is a regular speaker at community events on topics of the local economy, the business environment and business issues.

Adam is an alumnus of the University of British Columbia where he obtained his honours Bachelor of Commerce in Land Economics, and of the University of Calgary where he obtained his Master of Environmental Design (Planning).


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