Waneek Horn Miller Bio

Waneek Horn-Miller

Waneek is a Mohawk bear clan woman. She works and travels extensively throughout the Indigenous world as a sports commentator, and as a passionate advocate for sport, fitness and wellness. She also has traveled extensively throughout North America as a motivational speaker, speaking of her journey from being stabbed during the famed Oka Crisis to the Olympic Games.  As one of Canada’s few Aboriginal Olympians, Waneek has used her passion and experiences in sport to influence Aboriginal and non-aboriginal leadership towards making Sport and Wellness a community building priority. Waneek is currently working as the brand ambassador for the aboriginal forward company Manitobah Mukluks, and is the director of the Storyboot Project, a program that supports traditional artists by selling their work for art prices world wide, and the running of Storyboot Schools, where the art of mukluks and moccasin making is passed onto the next generation.


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