Reggie Leach Bio

Reggie Leach

Reggie Leach continues to be a recognized NHL legend and icon thirty (30) years after his formal pro hockey career!   In fact, while this Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe trophy winner contributed much to the game during his pro-career as a goal scorer (known as a sniper with a 115 mph shot) and as he continues to hold the record for most goals during the NHL play-offs (notably in less games than any other NHL’r), it is what he has accomplished post-NHL that has truly made this hockey star an inspiration to many.

He has dedicated the past 30 years to inspiring youth, particularly Indigenous youth in Canada, to pursue their dreams.  He and his son Jamie Leach (a Pittsburgh Penguins Alumni 1990-91) also host the “Shoot to Score” hockey schools across Canada where they teach more than hockey skills as they encourage teamwork, commitment, good physical fitness and leadership.  Adopted by his grandparents when he was only a few weeks old, he pulls from his modest life experiences growing up in Riverton, Manitoba, to share what it takes to reach the NHL and the rewarding life he leads working with young people across Canada.

In October 2015, Reggie released his book entitled “The Riverton Rifle:  Straight Shooting on Hockey and On Life” where he shares his life’s story in the hopes of helping others to overcome their personal challenges and work hard towards their goals.


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