Debbie Shea Bio

The past 10 years of Debbie’s career has been focused on building relationships with Indigenous Peoples across Canada and identifying ways to increase Economic Development within the field(s) she is working.  Debbie has been working as Manager of Indigenous Relations with VIP Powerline Ltd since November 2017.  She is very proud of their commitment to respectful engagement and desire to work with and maximize opportunities within the Indigenous communities were we work.

Previously Debbie’s career has taken her from Administration, Accounting, Business Development, Operations and then onto her passion of Indigenous Relations.  She has been associated with CCAB for over 5 years and believes the PAR program to be a mandatory foundation for building any Indigenous Relations Program within your company.

Debbie lives in Nanaimo, BC with her husband of 20 years and has two grown sons.   The outdoors, gardening, and reading are her hobbies outside of work.