Carolyn Stock Bio

Carolyn Stock is a Program Specialist with BC Hydro’s Indigenous Relations team.  In the last three years at BC Hydro, she has worked in the areas of project consultation and negotiation and is working in employment and training to develop and deliver programs that will link Indigenous candidates to BC Hydro’s employment opportunities.

Prior to BC Hydro, Carolyn worked with Indigenous communities throughout BC, managing programs in the Environment, Forestry, Emergency Services and Technology sectors.  She oversaw the installation and delivery of internet service to 17 remote Indigenous communities and paired it with a technical skills training program reaching 2,800 candidates with linkages to successful employment outcomes.  Her interest in creating opportunities for Indigenous communities to thrive is evident in the approach she takes to understanding Indigenous interests and putting that understanding into action.

She has worked with many Indigenous non-profit organizations including the First Nations Technology Council and the First Nations Emergency Services Society.

Carolyn holds a B.A. in Physical Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Guelph.